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Tesla Now Only Offers Vegan Seating Options for their Models

© Tesla
© Tesla

When Tesla first announced that they would be offering a vegan “leather” seating option for the Model X, we were jumping with joy! Now, they have decided to only offer vegan interiors for their Model S, X and 3.

While Tesla has not made an official announcement yet, a spokesperson confirmed that the news was true, stating that Tesla now offers only their “premium” seating option, designed specially by Tesla.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) applauded Tesla’s move in a recent blog post. PETA has been a shareholder in Tesla for a while, and since 2015, they have been pressuring the automotive company to stop offering leather seats by 2019.

Although Tesla’s stockholders were against the proposition, the company introduced synthetic leather seating for their Model X crossover SUV in 2016, and now they’ve taken things up another level by introducing it as the only option for their three models.

According to Anne Brainard, PETA’s Director of Corporate Affairs, other luxury car brands have also started offering a vegan seating option, including BMW and Mercedes-Benz. PETA will also continue to push for other automotive companies to eliminate cattle hide as well.

“PETA will continue to urge all companies to follow Tesla’s lead in choosing sustainability and kindness over cruelty,” Brainard said.

Not all of Tesla’s components are vegan, as their steering wheels are made out of leather. However, you can always select the cruelty-free option when setting the design for your new, sustainable car.

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