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Taiwan Bans Cat and Dog Meat


Taiwan has come a long ways to ban the consumption of cat and dog meat, with the parliament making a “landmark amendment” to Taiwan’s Animal Protection Act.

Cats and dogs are typical items on most Asian menus. However, according to Focus Taiwan, the Taiwanese people now accept them as loyal friends.

According to the article: “The amendment to the Animal Protection Act allows a prison term of up to two years, plus a fine of NT$200,000 to NT$2 million, for deliberate harm to animals that results in mangled limbs, organ failure or death.

“Under the amended Animal Protection Act, the same penalty will apply in cases where dogs, cats or other protected animals are killed.”

In addition to the new amendment, the Animal Protection Act also bans the sale of cat and dog meat as well as any other products containing any of these animals’ body parts. Furthermore, cyclists and motorcyclists are not allowed to drag animals on leash.

Violators may also see their names published along with a photo and the crime committed.

“Previously, the Animal Protection Act only covered the slaughter and sale of dog and cat meat, but this amendment specifically prohibiting the actual consumption of dog meat today is welcome,” said Animals Asia Foundation founder and CEO Jill Robinson.

“The public too are becoming increasingly sympathetic with the plight of dogs, recognizing the criminality behind the industry, the enormous benefits that dogs bring to society and the comfort they give to the families they belong to.”

According to China Daily, there were over 100 million registered pets in Taiwan in 2015, in which a majority were cats and dogs. It’s a huge step forward for Taiwan and they will hopefully set an example for other Asian countries, such as China, who are major consumers of cat and dog meat.



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