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Piñatex Pineapple Leather Featured in New Hugo Boss Shoe Line

BOSS’ new shoes made from Piñatex are must-haves.
Photo: © HUGO BOSS

German luxury fashion house Hugo Boss, often branded as BOSS, is launching a men’s footwear line featuring Piñatex pineapple leather.

“BOSS Menswear introduces new sneakers that take bold steps forward for responsible design,” BOSS wrote on their website.

Piñatex is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to leather, made from pineapple leaves. The fibers are collected from the wastes of the plant and are sent to a manufacturer in Spain.


The company features the new line as “footwear that makes a minimal imprint on the planet and offers a sleek BOSS look.”

The shoes were designed with both “innovation and sustainability in mind,” and are available in a wide range of colours dyed with plant-based dyes. They are also extremely lightweight and are must-have casuals for men.





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