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PETA Buys Stock in Bed Bath & Beyond

Ducks and geese endure cruel procedures for down.

While many animal activists have been active in promoting the end of animal circus acts and bringing down the leather industry, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has turned a different direction and is aiming to remove down feathers from popular retail company Bed Bath & Beyond.

The animal rights group recently bought stock in the company with a goal to have all products with down feathers from duck and geese removed from stores. And now as a stockholder, PETA will be able to submit shareholder resolutions and participate in annual meetings.

“PETA hears every day from compassionate consumers who want to support companies that share their values,” Tracy Reiman, PETA’s Executive Vice President, said. “By offering only down-free options, Bed Bath & Beyond would ensure that its customers sleep easy on clean and comfortable bedding that didn’t come from bleeding birds.”

You can support PETA by sending a message to Bed Bath & Beyond to stop selling products with down. If you want to go further, try going vegan for health, environmental and animal welfare purposes. You can get started with great recipes here.




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