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New York School Goes Vegetarian


The Active Learning Elementary school founded 5 years ago with approximately 400 students in the Queens area of New York, based on the principal of “healthy lifestyle leads to strong academic achievement” has experimented and finally gone fully vegetarian this year.

“healthy lifestyle leads to strong academic achievement”

Originally, the school went 3 days a week vegetarian about one-and-a-half years ago. To go fully vegetarian and meet the standard set by the USDA, Active Learning Elementary school consulted city’s education department food program and finally in January got rid of meat.

Even though the students are allowed to bring their own lunches to school, about 90% of students choose to eat Vegetarian at the school cafeteria and have already seen health benefits.

According to the school, obesity rate is under 2%, attendance as well as test scores have improved as well, including higher than average scores in state ELA and Math exams.

The school was also the

 “Recipient of the 2013 Golden Carrot Award from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine for serving healthy breakfast and lunch.”

Bravo to the Active Learning Elementary school.

You can read the full article here.

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