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New Children’s Book Features Vegan Santa Claus


When it comes to characters, Santa Claus is one of the most memorable ones; the big jolly guy with the white beard, dressed in red and delivers toys to kids on Christmas Eve with a goal to make them happy. Which kid doesn’t like this guy?

However, there are still two parts that we haven’t mentioned yet; Santa rides in a sleigh pulled by reindeer and then drinks cow’s milk and eats cookies at every child’s house.

With all of these observations in mind, writer Robin Raven came up with an alternate Santa: one that promotes veganism.

This book, called Santa’s First Vegan Christmas, features Santa Claus and a reindeer named Dana, who sits beside Santa in his sleigh and opens his eyes to other animals.

“I was taken aback by the casual violence in holiday tales that goes unaddressed by otherwise kind-hearted heroes. It made me think of how often animals are treated cruelly in real life without anyone taking notice. It also reminded me of instances in my own life where I’ve encountered injustice, and the character of Dana was born,” explains Robin.

Not only does this story present a new twist on the popular Christmas tale, but it also teaches kids a more ethical way of celebrating this holiday.

Robin also says that vegan parents can leave “vegan cookies and chilled almond milk” for Santa, as well as “a copy of Santa’s First Vegan Christmas.”

This book can be purchased via Amazon for all kids and families to enjoy. Even though it feels like a long ways away, with time going by so fast, Christmas is really just around the corner.

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