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Mozambique Student Launches Vegan Skincare Product


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Celmira Amade, an entrepreneur and student from Mozambique, launched a vegan beauty product in the United Kingdom, known as “wonder product.” This vegan and plant power hydrating face mask is the flagship product for her vegan beauty line.

The idea for her creation started when she arrived in England, back in 2010, to study at a university. When she arrived in England’s climate, her skin suffered from dryness, blemishes and an un-even tone immediately. Not wanting to wear makeup to solve her problem or use a ‘skin bleaching’ cream, Ms. Amade decided it was about time to come up with a solution that worked, because covering your face up with makeup isn’t a workable solution!

After studying ancient beauty from Mozambique, this student came up with her plant-based hydrating face mask called TSAKA (with a silent “T”). The term “TSAKA” means “happiness” in the Ronga dialect of Mozambique.

TSAKA was originally launched as an all-vegan skincare company, targeting their products at those with melanin-rich skin. Ms. Amade’s “wonder product” has helped many of those who suffer from blemishes, dryness and more.

In addition, Ms. Amade’s face mask is the very first of its kind to be rich in melanin. Her unique beauty product is formulated from plant extracts from the Olacaceae family. These plants are rare, as they are only found in African destinations, including Zimbabwe and Madagascar.

Customers will also be pleased to know that this cream is 100% vegan-friendly and preservative-free.

Today, Ms. Amade is completing her studies in England while still visiting Mozambique once in a while to work on her products for TSAKA. After all, her products are delivering “happiness” to those with melanin-rich skin!

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