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Your Guide to Veggie Dogs


You’ve ditched the meat, so now what? One problem that many meat-eater-turned-vegan people face is their cravings to eat meat. Well, there’s some good news, since many companies have made “vegan” meat alternatives out of veggies, wheat and soy – and you’d never even taste the difference!

There are so many brands to choose from, so which one to go for? Well, you’re vegan! Try them all out. Just be careful of which brands to try because there have been occasions where the media has slammed certain companies for sneakily putting meat into their supposed “vegan” products.

So, we’ve made the work easy for you and rounded up a list of must-try veggie dogs.

1. Yves Veggie Dogs

Yves Veggie Dogs
Yves Veggie Dogs

One of the most popular vegan and vegetarian-friendly brands is Yves Veggie Cuisine. Their veggie dogs can be found in almost every grocery store and are a favourite among vegans and vegetarians alike.

Made from soy and vegetables, these dogs will satisfy your stomach whether you are facing a meat craving or not. You can simply put the dogs between a bun and top it off with ketchup, mustard and relish, or you can try their recipe with jicama mango salsa to get a hang of this whole vegan thing.

Yves Veggie Dogs come in a small pack or a family-sized pack and are low in fat and cholesterol. They’re also a great source of iron!

2. Tofurky Artisan Sausages

Tofurky Chick'n Apple Sausages
Tofurky Chick’n Apple Sausages

You’ve probably heard the word Tofurky at least once in your life, or at least seen it while walking down the grocery store aisles. Tofurky is a company that creates meat alternatives out of soy. They may sound similar to Yves, but they are totally different with their many flavours from sweet to savory. By looking at the final product, you’d never even guess they’re vegan-friendly sausages.


  • Chick’n Apple
  • Spinach Pesto
  • Andouille
  • Italian Sausage
  • Kielbasa
  • Beer Brats

Their products are also non-GMO and great sources of protein.

3. Lightlife Smart Dogs

Lightlife Smart Dogs
Lightlife Smart Dogs

Lightlife Smart Dogs are vegan and vegetarian-friendly dogs packed with flavour, making them the perfect addition to your summer grill. While they only contain 6% iron and not as much protein as other veggie dogs (only 7g per link), it pleases pleases many people to know that they are non-GMO.

4. Field Roast Frankfurters

Field Roast Frankfurters
Field Roast Frankfurters

The company behind the popular Chao Slices, Field Roast makes irresistible veggie dogs from wheat. They use natural ingredients featuring garlic, onions and spices. If you want a sausage that gives you the most “meat-like” experience, then these Frankfurters are the right route to take.

Field Roast Frankfurters are an excellent source of protein (21g per link) and each link contains 15% of your daily iron.

5. Homemade

There’s nothing better than hearty, homemade food. And if you really want to get a hang of the vegan diet, what better way than to get your apron on and start experimenting with plant-based ingredients?

Get some zucchinis and carrots and start grilling. Find toppings and condiments you love and see what amazing creation you can come up with. It’s always exciting to find out what you can do with a few simple vegetables!

Please let us know what’s your favourite veggie dog brand in the comments below!



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