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Glasgow’s Getting a Vegan Nirvana-Themed Cafe

© In Bloom via Facebook
© In Bloom via Facebook

Glasgow has been voted one of the top vegan cities in the UK, and it’s obvious with easy access to veg-friendly options at restaurants and grocery stores around town. Now, an all-vegan cafe themed around the Rock Band Nirvana will be opening in the city, adding a special touch to Glasgow’s vegan scene.

Called “In Bloom,” this place will boast a different vibe with its music-inspired atmosphere. The place got its name after Nirvana’s song In Bloom, from their album Nevermind.

This cruelty-free cafe will be opening soon in the St. George’s Cross area of Glasgow at: 48 Clarendon Place, Glasgow, G20 7PZ. You can stay updated on their Facebook page.





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