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France is Thinking of Introducing Vegan School Lunches

France is promoting better health in schools.
Photo: © ParisMustSee.com

Things are changing in France, now that French Environment Minister Nicolas Hulot thinks schools should offer veg-friendly options on their menus.

In an interview with L’Obs, Hulot stated that a fully plant-based menu should be available at schools as meat-free dining is simply “a matter of education.”

“It is necessary to reduce suffering as much as horrible,” Hulot said. Although Hulot is not entirely a vegetarian, he says that his family only eats meat once a week.

“In my family, there are five of us,” Hulot said in French. “Two amongst us are vegetarians. The other three, including me, only eat meat once a week. Everybody takes their own path.”

According to a report published recently, certain schools around southwest France have already experimented with plant-based options, and are considering having a completely meat-free menu every day of the week.

Furthermore, Paris has already committed to reducing the amount of meat served at school restaurants by 20% by the year 2020.

Plant-based foods served at schools seems to be highlight of 2017. Earlier this year, seven LAUSD schools introduced a vegan option and 1,200 New York City public schools have been considering adding a vegan option.





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