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Former James Bond Actor Wants Britain to Ban Wild Animal Circuses


English actor Roger Moore, who played James Bond from 1973 to 1985, has urged British Prime Minister Theresa May to introduce legislation banning wild animal circuses.

In a piece published by Sunday People, he wrote that while many countries have banned wild animal circuses, “ever-so-civilized, animal-loving Britain still allows these archaic exhibitions simply because of a lack of action on the part of Downing Street… [P]opular legislation to prohibit circuses from keeping tigers in see-through boxes called cages and carting them about the land has been dragging on for aeons, because the Prime Minister Theresa May holds the key and won’t give it up.”

He even added that: “Wilfully allowing such cruelty is unforgivable.”

Moore also included a part regarding former Prime Minister David Cameron’s broken promise to put an end to wild animal circuses by January 2015. He stated: “No matter what else one may think of him, [he] proved himself no gentleman when he failed to act on his word to get wild animals out of circuses… despite overwhelming public approval of a ban, including support from the British Veterinary Association.”

Moore continued and even made an offer to the current Prime Minister that one simply couldn’t pass.

“Madam Prime Minister, it’s time – past time – to do the right thing by animals and the public and finally bring in a ban on this outdated form of so-called ‘entertainment.’ I will put a bottle of Dom Pérignon ’52 or Bollinger ’69 on ice for the occasion and gladly pop the cork with you.”

Moore is not the only one who is urging Prime Minister Theresa May to take action; actress Pamela Anderson contacted her last year, stating that “kissing circus animal acts goodbye is as easy as pie,” and thousands of Brits are calling for an end to these preposterous acts.

Up to date, many other countries and cities have banned wild animal circuses, and Scotland is looking to be joining them this spring. After all of the protests and urges, it’s about time the rest of Britain decides to do so the same.

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