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E.U. Bans Cosmetics With Animal-Tested Ingredients


Thanks to the hard work of animal rights groups, in particular ECEAC, as of March 2013, European union countries will no longer sell or make cosmetics that have tested their products on animals.

Millions of animals are used yearly for testing purposes worldwide, including primates, birds, rabbits, frogs and the most common, rats / mice. Even though testing is a great way to deal with possible side effects before a product becomes available for human usage, testing on animals is cruel and a barbaric method.

There are may non-harmful, humane ways that testing can get accomplished such as tube and glass testing methods.

There are many organizations that have worked hard to put a stop to animal testing. Top 2 worth mentioning are:

European Coalition to End Animal Experiments – ECEAE

ECEAE is a coalition of various animal right agencies in Europe with the agenda of banning animal testing.

In 2013, they achieved their goal of banning animal testing in cosmetics in European Union countries. This was a major victory for animal right activists.

ECEAS believes that

” animal research is morally indefensible. It is also scientifically unreliable and humane alternatives can be quicker, cheaper and more effective.”

People for Ethical Treatments of Animals, PETA

PETA has had many successes not only in highlighting animal cruelty in cosmetics / household/ regulatory areas, but also in contributing to the banning of testing on animals for cosmetics purposes worldwide. Their latest victory was in India. 1024px-DraizeTest-PETA

PETA is also very active against animal testing in regulatory agencies which use animals to test toxicity in chemicals, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals

You can help put a stop to animal cruelties by visiting their sites and supporting their current campaigns.

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