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Dutch Seaweed Startup Launches Vegan Bacon

© Seamore
© Seamore

Following the successful launch of seaweed-based pasta, Dutch company Seamore has launched a vegan bacon alternative made from seaweed.

This bacon alternative, which is made from dulse seaweed harvested off the coast of Ireland, can’t get any cooler than it already is. It turns from purple to a crispy golden green when fried and even has a smoky flavour very similar to that of bacon.

The product can also be consumed in its dry state or it can be smoked or fried. However, what makes this product even better are the eco-friendly benefits that come with it.

“The first is you’re not getting saturated fat; you’re just getting good stuff that saves your own skin. The second is you don’t have to sacrifice the pig and the third is that pork is one of the most eco-unfriendly foods that we have, so you’re saving the skin of the planet too,” said Willem Sodderland, founder of Seamore.

The company believes that seaweed, on the other hand, is a sustainable and eco-friendly food source. The product is also 100% organic and no pesticides or fertilizers are used on the plants.

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