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Could This Be the Creamiest Dairy-Free Milk in the Market?

The best of all worlds meet in Silk® Original Cashew Milk.

When going vegan, one of the hardest things to face at first is finding alternatives to meat and dairy products. And then you do some research and find out that you only want to consume non-GMO products, on top of that.

After completing days of research, you realize that going vegan is not so tough, and you find out that Soy milk is quite popular, but the addition of carrageenan may not appeal to everyone. Then you try Almond milk, but like some others, you may not become a fan. Well, there’s another option in the market that combines taste and health benefits in one: Cashew milk.

© Silk
© Silk

The Silk® Original Cashew beverage has everything you need; it is fortified with Vitamins and only contains 60 calories per serving. The beverage also contains 50% more calcium than dairy milk.

However, what’s amazing about this product is the taste and the creamy texture that will satisfy your taste buds. It’s a nutrient-dense beverage, that’s for sure, but is also has a nutty taste, yet with a tint of sweetness. It is similar to the Silk® Almond beverage, just sweeter and definitely creamier (just as promised).

The Silk® Original Cashew beverage is a personal favourite amongst many, but for those of you who love things half-sweet, there is an unsweetened version of the drink too. For sugar-lovers, they also have chocolate and vanilla.

The nutty and sweet taste of Cashew milk combined with the amazing nutritional benefits combine the best of all worlds in this beverage!


© Silk
© Silk


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