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Coconut Milk is Now an Option at Costa Coffee

Your Costa Coffee drink can now be made with coconut milk for an additional 45p.
Photo: Costa Coffee/Facebook

2018 is kicking off with dairy-free milk. Not only did Starbucks just debut oat milk at locations across Europe, but Costa Coffee also introduced coconut milk as a dairy-free milk option.

Coconut milk is Costa’s second dairy-free milk option as they also serve drinks made with soy milk.

And, to celebrate the new dairy-free alternative, Costa launched a limited edition hot drink for Veganuary. According to metro.co.uk, it is a coconut and vanilla latte – and you can get your hands on it for only £2.95.

However, if you want to order your drink with coconut milk, you’ll have to pay an additional 45p.

But it’s not all bad news! Costa also launched a vegan “paradise slice” cake. For a fair £2, you can get a piece that’s made with a coconut base packed with sultanas, apricot and raspberries, topped with a delicious chocolate layer sprinkled with raspberry and pistachio crumbles on top.





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