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Cinnaholic to Open 70 Locations in Canada

Cinnaholic is debuting in Canada just in time for the cold, winter season.
Photo: © Cinnaholic

The cold, winter season is coming, which calls for some warm, gooey cinnamon buns. And guess what’s happening just in time for this winter? All-vegan “gourmet cinnamon rolls” chain Cinnaholic is debuting 70 locations in Canada!

It’s about time a new vegan concept comes to Canada; considering they’re all about nature, the country certainly lacks a vast variety of vegan options.

But Cinnaholic is going to change that! They will make their Canadian debut in January 2018 in Edmonton, and will open more locations in Toronto, Regina and Winnipeg soon after.

“I am so excited to see our vegan cinnamon roll concept expand to Canada,” Cinnaholic co-founder Shannon Radke told VegNews. “Cinnaholic has experienced a massive growth over the past few years, and expanding into new territories shows that vegan companies are getting more and more traction. There’s no denying veganism is on the rise.”

Cinnaholic opened their flagship location in Berkeley, California in 2009 and have been expanding quickly since then. They were featured on Shark Tank in 2014 and have been listed on Forbes as one of the 10 Best Franchises to Buy From “Shark Tank.” Last year, they sold more than 300,000 cinnamon buns, and those numbers are expected to double by the end of this year.




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