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Canadian Vegan Buys Lobster and Sets it Free

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An enormous 23 lb lobster was fished out of the coast of Eastern Canada near St. Martins, New Brunswick. It stayed at The Alma Lobster Shop, who served as a temporary home, until something truly amazing happened to it…

Vegan Katie Conklin, from Nova Scotia, took the chance to buy the giant 4 ft-long sea creature. However, rather than letting it end up on someone’s plate, she released it back into its natural habitat – the ocean.

Conklin bought the lobster, named “King Louie,” for $230 CAD, which is equivalent to $170 USD and £140, in hope that “he lives a happy life for his second chance.”

King Louis was returned to the ocean on Tuesday by fisherman Rodney MacDonald, who shouted “thank you, Katie,” while releasing him. We all hope that King Louie lives happily in his natural habitat for the second time!



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