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California school goes vegan


MUSE is private school in Calabasas, California founded in 2006 by sisters Suzy Amis Cameron and Rebecca Amis to prepare youngsters to live “consciously with themselves, one another, and the planet.”

This environmentally conscious school has dedicated land for students to grow plants that will be used for lunches at school. The natural progression of being a true environmentalist is to offer plant based whole foods which will be accomplished for September 2015 school year.

Being a private school comes with a hefty price tag; however, financial aid is available to those student who qualify.

Suzy Amis Cameron and Rebecca Amis are hoping that their school will be an example for other schools to follow.

Suzy Amis Cameron is the wife of James Cameron, film director and environmental activist who believes that in order to fight climate change, you must stop eating animals.

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