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Ben & Jerry’s Adds Two New Vegan Flavours

Ben & Jerry’s are expanding their range of vegan ice cream pints.
Photo: © Ben & Jerry’s

Vegans, rejoice! Ben & Jerry’s just released two new vegan flavours: “Cinnamon Buns” and “Peanut Butter Half Baked.” That bumps up the number of B&J non-dairy pints to 9.

The texture and taste of their vegan ice cream is no different than dairy-based ice cream. And not to mention, these treats look absolutely heavenly…

“We wanted to bring the WOW factor to our fans for 2018,” said ‘Flavour Guru’ Craig Koskiniemi.

And indeed, they succeeded. The Cinnamon Bun flavour even “swirls” like a cinnamon bun! The only unfortunate thing is that they are only available in the United States – for now.

These two vegan ice cream flavours aren’t the only foodie highlight of the New Year so far. Cornetto also announced that they will be launching vegan ice cream cones in Sainsbury, UK and vegan soft serve “Cocowhip” will be launching in a new Australian café set to open next month.





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