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Animal Activist Wants New York Restaurants To Add Vegan Options To Their Menus


Kiki Adami, the founder of Veganizer NYC, is pursuing her huge goal, which is to make every single restaurant in New York City offer vegan options. However, there’s more to it; she wants at least half of each restaurant’s menu to be composed of animal-free dishes.

Ms. Adami believes that restaurants can benefit financially and make a bigger profit by adding more vegan items to their menu, despite the fact that her eatery, GustOrganics, closed last year after the switch from paleo to vegan. Now she works as a cruise director and for Veganizer, which is a project she is very passionate about. “For me, it’s simple,” she said. “I do it for the animals.”

However, it will take her a lot of appreciated effort to accomplish her mission, and Veganizer is contributing to that effort by turning non-vegan menus at eateries around New York City vegan for one night pop-ups. By doing so, they hope that this will motivate chefs to start adding more vegan options or even host vegan nights, according to Ms. Adami.

“If all restaurants had half their menu vegan, things would be so much better in the world,” said Ms. Adami.

According to her, GustOrganics was making more money the summer that it transformed into a vegan place than when it was paleo-oriented. However, it was the lawsuits from some investors that had drained all of the restaurant’s money, which led to the closure.

On the other hand, regarding her goal, Ms. Adami has already accomplished quite a bit.

Since 2015, this activist has already helped make the menus of five restaurants vegan for pop-ups. A few of these restaurants include Pagani, Cabalio, Cafe Frida, as well as Keg 229. She helped these restaurants come up with vegan alternatives that were similar to the dishes offered uniquely at each restaurant. “I want to show people that if these restaurants can veganize, anything can veganize.”

So far, New York is becoming more and more popular with veganism. Earlier this year, restaurateur Ravi de Rossi stated that he was going to close his first restaurant, The Bourgeois Pig, to transform it into an all-vegan tapas bar. The new restaurant, called Ladybird, opened summer, 2016.

Now that we have a passionate activist aiming to accomplish her goal and get more vegan food options to sprout around New York City, in addition to the opening of Ladybird this year, it looks like New York might as well be the new vegan hot spot!

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