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Alicia Silverstone Launches Vegan Gummy Vitamins

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Vegan actress and health advocate Alicia Silverstone has partnered up with top nutrition brand Garden of Life to launch a vegan line of gummy vitamins.

“I teamed up with Garden of Life because we share the same vision of bringing the highest-quality vitamins (unlike many that are derived from petroleum chemicals and synthesized in labs) to families everywhere,” Silverstone said.

“I wanted to take a vitamin made from the same types of organic, nutritious foods I eat in my daily diet. I didn’t want a bottle of chemical isolates dressed up with organic fluff. The vitamin I wanted to take didn’t exist, so that’s why I created mykind Organics.

According to Drug Store News, Silverstone and Garden of Life worked together to launch their mykind Organic vitamins that are “Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and made from organic fruit and whole-food vitamins,” in addition to being certified vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and kosher.

“I am so proud to team up with Garden of Life to introduce our new gummy vitamins – the purest, cleanest dummies out there, made from the real, organic, non-GMO whole foods my family eats,” Silverstone said. “These yummy gummies provide the essential nutrients you need, without all of the ‘icky stuff’ you don’t want in your vitamins.”

These gummies are free from synthetic binders and fillers, making them a healthier vitamin option in the market. Most other gummies contain unnecessary dyes and chemicals to make people like the taste, but Silverstone’s vitamins have proven that these ingredients are not necessary.





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