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List of Animal Ingredients in Food and Cosmetics

List of Animal derivatives or ingredients found in cosmetics, toiletries, and food. Thanks to PETA.org for the list.

Easy Vegan Tostadas

Easy Vegan Tostadas   Print Prep time 35 mins Cook time ...

Notable Vegetarians

Some of the smartest people in history including philosophers, physicists, and writers chose not to eat the flesh of animals. Here some worth mentioning. If...

Veganessa Mexican Salsa

  Veganessa Mexican Salsa   Print Prep time 5 mins Cook time ...

Fake Ingredients in food

Here is an eye opening video on fake ingredients in the food that we eat: Watch More News Videos at ABC | Technology News | Celebrity News

Best Vegan French Toast

My brother emailed me the link to this recipe (link at the bottom) and I did some modifications to it. My kids absolutely love this...

What is the deal with Carrageenan?

Just because it is organic or vegan does not mean it is safe. Carrageenan is the perfect example. Carrageenan is a seaweed / red algae extract...

Animals off the menu debate

A great debate worth watching. Here is the part from the animal right activist Philip Wollen.  

Rice with Lentils

  Rice with Lentils   Print Prep time 10 mins Cook time ...