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Wagamama Now Serves a Vegan Menu

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Vegans won’t need to ask for substitutions at this Asian chain anymore.
Photo: Wagamama

Vegans, it’s time to rejoice! Wagamama just launched a vegan menu – and you’re going to love it!

Just a year ago, vegans were having some tough luck dining at this UK-based Asian restaurant chain. But now, Wagamama has listened to demands from vegans and vegetarians by creating a veggie menu crafted by executive chef Steve Mangleshot.

“This is our first vegan [and] vegetarian menu,” Wagamama writes. “It has been designed around the idea that meat free shouldn’t mean taste free.”

The veggie menu is completely separate from their other menus. Next time you’re there to dine, just ask the waiter for their vegan menu.

The menu is composed of 29 plant-based dishes, in which 11 of them are vegan. Every single dish was inspired by a different area in Asia, which makes the experience that much more exciting!

According to Emma Woods, Wagamama’s Customer Director: “When talking to vegan customers, what they want most, is inclusion. That is the same with our vegetarian fans.

“Our first ever dedicated vegan and vegetarian menu can be the starting point to support a lifestyle choice. From its October launch, we will be listening to our fans to make sure we are constantly adapting and innovating to meet customers desires and a modern lifestyle.”

From the menu, vegans can try items like kare burosu, yasai pad-thai, yasai yaki soba, warm chilli tofu salad, and yasai samla curry among other dishes. They even have sorbet for dessert!

You can download the full menu here. Wagamama won’t be hard to find because they have several locations all over the United Kingdom.





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