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Online Vegan Supermarket Delivers Items to People Around the UK and Europe

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Something new has launched in the vegan world. It’s a vegan supermarket – and it’s online!

NotFrom.com features vegan goodies and items from food products to beauty supplies to baby care. But things are that much better with the fact that they deliver items to people across Europe and the United Kingdom.

Every single item sold at the online store is animal-free, cruelty-free and 100 percent plant-based. Many of the items are also free from parabens, phthalates, SLS and palm oil.

“People want to do good, but it’s actually quite hard for them to do that when they don’t know the impact of products and ingredients – who has any idea what SLS is without researching it? – nor when they don’t have easy, trusted access to products that meet their values,” shop founder Dana Levy said.

“We want to facilitate this process i.e. help people make the world into the place they want it to be, by seamlessly changing shopping habits.

“The formula is simple: by switching to sustainable products, every small purchase you make will have a big impact on our planet and its inhabitants.”

Shoppers can search for products with custom filters that meet dietary guidelines and more. The company has plans to continue to grow and offer more natural products to consumers in the future.



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