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Netherlands is Banning Animal Experimentation

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Au Naturale Cosmetics - Vegan and OrganicThe Netherlands is taking a huge step towards animal rights, as they are working towards ending animal experimentation throughout the entire country.

A while ago, the Dutch government passed a motion in Parliament to discontinue testing on primates. Now, they are working on phasing out all sorts of animal-involved experiments by 2025 and will be working on only using human-relevant methods.

In addition, PETA scientists took part in this, as they submitted a dossier of information to help guide the Dutch government in ruling out animal testing. Also, Dr. Julia Baines and Yvonne Lemmen of PETA Netherlands were invited to a meeting with NCad officials (the Netherlands National Committee for the protection of animals used in scientific research) and others in The Hague to discuss different ways that they can replace current animal experiments with.

Spending all of the years adding up to 2025 seems like a long time for the Dutch government to take to fully phase out animal experimentation; however, this act is the first of its kind to be introduced in the Netherlands and we are sure that many people appreciate this movement.

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