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Birmingham Greyhound Stadium Shuts Down

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Italian GreyhoundGreat news! Dogs have taken home a victory, now that Hall Green Stadium in Birmingham has shut down its doors. After following up with a petition signed by 8,000 PETA followers and feeling the pressure from locals groups such as Birmingham Greyhound Protection, the Birmingham City Council has approved plans to replace this space with housing.

“This is great news for dogs who are treated as commodities, rather than intelligent, sensitive animals, by the greyhound industry,” PETA UK writes. “They often sustain horrific injuries on the track, including broken legs and necks and fractured skulls, and suffer heart attacks. Between races, they spend 95 per cent of their time in kennels where their physical and emotional needs can never fully be met and where they’re often muzzled.”

Dogs who cannot keep up with the race are of no good use anymore, and close to 100,000 greyhounds “retire” from the United Kingdom every year. Some of these dogs find loving homes through charities, but thousands of them disappear without a trace. As the greyhound industry is very secretive, there is a possibility that the dogs are abandoned, tortured, exported or killed.

Greyhounds are sensitive beings full of love. It’s just as important to end animal cruelty as it is to find dogs loving homes. You can help too by promoting animal rights and going vegan. PETA has currently set up a petition that you can sign to stop ITV from broadcasting the horse-show, Grand National, who is the biggest and cruelest horse show in Britain. They were the ones responsible for the death of six horses last year. You can get more details here.

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